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Logan, a troubled Australian teenager, is ripped from his isolated existence after the sudden death of his parents and thrust into the exclusive private island life of his cousin, where he meets the enigmatic Izzy.

Their story spans more than a decade, during which both are forced to confront their own dark psychologies in their pursuit of love, happiness and survival, when circumstances conspire to keep them apart.

When Lex, a poor, conservative young man meets Lucy, a vibrant, wealthy women’s rights activist in college, they strike up an unlikely friendship, only to have their relationship torn apart by politics, dishonesty and global events.


Years later, their paths reconvene, leaving Lex to question his supposedly perfect life and the choices he’s made over the years, only to discover the dark places your soul can lead you when you have no light to guide you. 

One sunny Friday afternoon in January,  a pregnant teenager is shot in the head by a masked intruder in a mixed class neighbourhood in a quiet coastal community in Missippi.


The young lead detective must disentangle the lies and motivations of the neighborhood as she investigates and learns more about the human condition from this one case than she could ever imagine.





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